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WIP was founded in 2005 as a result of the success of Frans Winarta & Partners Law Firm to be considered as one of a number of leading law firms in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have contributed to the legal reformation since 1998 and will continue to support structural reformation of the legal institutions enabling the country to strengthen its law enforcement agencies. We are pround to have contributed to the success of the development of our trade and economy. We must of course not rest in complacency. Instead, we shall continue to grow with our clients and to consolidate our success not only in the areas of litigation, consultation, commercial arbitration, business negotiation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution but also need to establish special division of intellectual property practice to better serve our clients all over Indonesia and the rest of the world.



Who Are We?

Since it was established in 2005, WINARTA IP PRACTICE has dedicated the high valuable service to the protection of intellectual property rights in Indonesia. The professionalism and good capabilities of the firm in handling various cases of intellectual property have made WINARTA IP PRACTICE one of the most leading firms in Indonesia.

We believe that all staff, lawyers and consultants are precious asset for the firm. Accordingly, we give a wide opportunity for every people engaged in the firm to improve their awareness of the global IP development and their capability in each technical field. This is carried out to thereby meet our clients need and expectations of satisfactory services.

Supported by high quality and experienced human resources, our firm comprehends all areas of IP practice especially focusing on intellectual property laws and their application. We handle patent cases from filing, prosecution until grant as well as the maintenance of granted patents. Our firm also handles applications for the registration of marks, copyrights and industrial designs and other cases of intellectual property rights.

As modern office, WINARTA IP PRACTICE applies a computerized practice in managing all activities of the firm especially docketing system of IP matters, file control and accounting system. In addition, our domestic and overseas clients can access our online service to get the best and comprehensive service of our firm at the most competitive price.